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WESFA Lotto has now closed and we will no longer be accepting new bets.

All active subscriptions will be cancelled and lotto bets that have been placed for draws after Wednesday 26 September 2018 will be refunded by customer services.

If you think you are entitled to a refund, please contact customer service on 0207 048 0306 or email: service@lottofc.co.uk

Customer Service

Call 0207 048 0306 8am - 8pm, Mon - Fri
9am - 6pm, Sat
E-mail service@lottofc.co.uk

We are a Sunday Football League in South East London. We want all our community to be playing football and getting fit. Commended as a Respect League by the FA, & reward fair play among our clubs. We are fully aware that the cost of playing football is increasing to we look at ways to reduce the outlay for clubs